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  • Now offering daily Featured Strains @ $100 Oz! ($12.50/Eighth)

  • Shake is now available to order online (While supplies last)

  • Now offering over 50 strains starting @ $15!!!

  • Check out our Gram Sampler - Mix & Match any grams -  5g's for $50 or 10g's for $75! 

  • Now offering Grams starting as low as $4.00 per Gram!

  • New drop from NSMC: Micro Fruits & Chocolates have arrived! 

Our Mission

As the premier destination for medical cannabis dispensary products and services, it is the mission of ReLeaf Center to provide patients access to high quality, affordable alternative solutions to meet the needs of all of their qualifying conditions.

This is accomplished by providing a patient-centric, service based experience that is friendly, compassionate, and professional while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for patients looking for relief to enhance their quality of life through a more natural, holistic pathway.

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  • Medical Marijuana is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Arkansas Medical Marijuana is for qualified patients only.

  • Keep Medical Marijuana out of reach from children.

  • Marijuana use during pregnancy or breastfeeding poses potential harms

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At the ReLeaf Center, we believe all patients deserve a personalized, comprehensive approach to their health and wellness that encompasses much more than just their medical marijuana needs.

We offer a phone consultation with our licensed pharmacist so that each and every patient has an opportunity to privately discuss any concerns ensuring that they are comfortable and confident along their journey to find ReLeaf.‍

To speak with the pharmacist on duty 


9400 E. McNelly Rd.

Bentonville, AR 72712


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