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What’s a THC Cart?


Handheld vaporizers are made up of three parts:

  • A glass cartridge that holds the cannabis oil. It can be refilled, unless it’s a disposable vape pen;

  • ​A battery, which powers up an atomizer that vaporizes the oil;

  • A mouthpiece to draw the vapor from.

Now, let’s see the details of what THC carts usually contain.

THC Oil In Cartridge's

and how they are made

Most commonly, THC carts are filled with extracted THC concentrate (distillates, CO2 hash oil, BHO, live resin, shatter, or rosin). The most common concentrates used are CO2 hash oil or distillates. Both are quite viscous, so to be vaped properly, they are usually diluted with a solvent. For example, you may read on the label that the THC cart is 97% THC and the remaining 3% will be solvent. However, distillates, for example, are okay on their own and don’t need any thinners.

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