White Widow.jpg

White Widow



THC 18%       


CBD <1%

Test Results

terpin0lene 0.73


α-pinene 0.387

limonene 0.253

White Widow is a balanced Hybrid first bred in the Netherlands and is consistently present in Dutch coffee shops. This strain helped give birth to other potent strains such as White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow.

White Widow is a staple Sativa Dominant Hybrid in that it provides powerfully energizing cerebral effects. Bred specifically for a high trichome count, this strain is also a popular conduit for producing hash products. Many say White Widow uplifts mood, enhances feelings of creativity and social comfort, and boosts energy.

This gorgeous strain is derived from both a Brazilian Sativa landrace as well as a resin-heavy South African Indica and has seen its influence permeate the cannabis world.

This strain’s flavor profile consists of earth, pine, and floral notes