Ghost OG.jpg

Ghost OG



THC 14.39%       


CBD n/a

Pinene 0.27


Limonene 0.04


β-myrcene 0.10

The Ghost OG strain is still gaining popularity, which should only increase over time given the strength of its lineage. Often described as potent yet non-intrusive, this award-winning Hybrid is renowned for reducing tension, headaches, and anxiety. Ghost OG’s cerebral effects give way to a potent body sensation, which patients describe as an easy transition into sleep and relaxation. Ghost OG is recommended for nighttime use.

Ghost OG is one of the most effective medicinal strains on the market today. Its combinations of Caryophyllene and Myrcene provide patients with a pain- killing, muscle-relaxing sedation and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

The colorful and leafy appearance of Ghost OG is appealing to the eye and comes in the form of large, dense flowers. Flavors found in its aroma and taste include lemon, lime, and deep earthy notes.